Last reminder EMERGEANDSEE media arts festival:

submit your SHORT FILMS / ABSTRACTS / INSTALLATIONS and other AUDIO/VISUAL WORKS until MARCH 15! ___ This year's topic is EN DÉTAIL

Call for participation

Since 2000 the EMERGEANDSEE media arts festival offers an independent work showcase of young audio-visual works from all over the globe. Within the interaction of short film competition, audio-visual exhibition and lectures different works and opinions come together. With EMERGEANDSEE 2011 the festival`s focus is turned to “En Détail” and the smallest things on the fringes of our daily perception, thinking and creating, which challenge our attention and sharpen our wits, independent from the connection to the big scheme of things.

For this we are looking for your position!
Artistic and theoretic perspectives on and examinations of the detail, which will be presented in Berlin in June 2011. With pictures, thoughts, sound or gestures you can add your detail to EMERGEANDSEE 2011...

Call for entries/papers:

PDF version:

You can submit:

  • Short films up to 20 minutes long for the big screen
  • Audio/visual installations, pictures, loops, performances for the exhibition
  • 20-minute contributions leaving some room for discussion and exchange for the lecutres
    >> Short films
    Within the short film competition, innovative feature films, animations, documentaries and experimental worlds of images from around the globe will explore the topic of the detail in the eye of the jury and the audience.

>> Exhibition
Within the exhibition no boundaries should restrict the artistic medium: performances, sound productions for the &#8220;audio-cinema&#8221;, visual artistic works, video installations, cross-medial works, etc. all toy around with the detail.
>> Lectures
Within the lectures, thinkers and makers from diverse areas (social & cultural sciences, natural sciences, media and art, etc.) will gather. Here, we are looking for new theories and ideas presented via short lectures.

Submissions for all sections until 15.03.2011 under:
For more details on each section please have a look at the webpage:

Philipp from the EMERGEANDSEE-team