These are some of my most recent tunes. These are purley PD.
I'm making some sort of microtonal/Xenharmonic synth or sound generator. haha!
These 3 have drum sounds I shamelessly borrowed from OBIWANNABE he done such a noce job at programming the drum sounds. Of course I came up with my own random trigger and delay pattern though. The synth sounds are from a homemade chaos fm feedback with sample and hold thing that I call the fmbrot.

This one has some distortion in it from alindx. I had the same idea for distortion when I was in college. clipping with diodes and averaging with the original signal via opamp. you can also briefly hear my karplus strong 12 string from about 2:00 to 2:38.

if you go to my you can hear more of my PD stuff. Most of the recent stuff was done with the assistance of PD acting as a pitchbend microtuner into Reason. My favorite of these is PHihr16.6 that you can only find on my youtube channel at this point. If you see a song that has draw in the name then it was done using the table draw thing from PD then there's my mandelbrot tunes which were done using only PD.
Then there's this one which was done using my mandelbrot melody generator (based on Elaine Walker's Chaos Melody Maker read her thesis it's interesting) in PD synced / or started at the same time and BPM with drums I done in Reason. I thouroughly enjoyed this one it was good to hear that old amen drumbeat after a long break from the amen. hahaha!

Well have a good day and enjoy.