Does anyone happen to know which fft-code is built into Pd / Pd-extended binary releases?

The source file d_fft.c states that it interfaces 'to one of the Mayer, Ooura or fftw FFT packages to implement the "fft~", etc, Pd objects. ... The configure script can be used to select which one.'

The script in SVN says about fftw:

AC_SUBST(fftw, no)

AC_ARG_ENABLE(fftw, [ --enable-fftw use FFTW package],

dnl Check for fftw package
if test x$fftw = "xyes";
AC_CHECK_LIB(fftw, fftw_one,PDLIB="$PDLIB -lfftw",
echo "fftw package not found - using built-in FFT"; fftw=no)

So it depends on the build machines. On the other hand, [partconv~] from Ben Saylor depends on fftw and this object works fine, at least in 0.42.5-extended build for OSX.

From these bits I conclude that fftw is built into Pd binaries and also used for [fft~] & co. Is that correct? fftw claims to be the fastest. Not that it is very important to me, I am just curious.