/ If you like it short: festival topic 2011 is "En Détail". The call for
entries is here: http://bit.ly/hDhtOu //

Dear friends of EMERGEANDSEE!

after we have sucessfully established our new media arts festival concept
this year, we've been busy making plans for May 2011, when short films,
audio/visual exhibition and lectures are going to meet a Berlin audience

The festival topic for 2011 will be: En Détail.

We thought the Detail to be a small but strong unit in our everyday
perception, thinking and creating. The philosophical fascination with
Micro-/Macrocosm, optical tools and artistic techniques have a long
history. Today, where most digital stuff surrounding us consists of huge
amounts pixels and samples, the obsession with the tiny details has
probably even increased. We want more megapixels, higher sampling
rates,higher FPS, slower slow motion, shorter tweets, so we can read
faster,zoom in further, investigate more closely.
On the other hand: We always need the big picture.

We look forward to gathering artistic and theoretical views on the Détail of
people from all around the world in order to present them at the Berlin
Event in May 2011.

Our call for entries goes out to anyone creating images, thoughts, sounds
or objects that could add their detail to EMERGEANDSEE 2011!

You can find the full call for entries on our website:

Or download a PDF version, if you prefer:


Feel free to spread the word!

All the best from Berlin,

the EMERGEANDSEE festival team.