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Had this working for a while, however I've yet to release it--I wanted to properly document and comment the code. But I've put this off for months and figure I might as well let people take a look. Remember, this external is uncommented! It is written in java, with java libraries, for the pdj pure-data plugin.

mDNSbonjour pure-data plugin
add easy connectivity to your peached patch using apple's bonjour api!

Download pdj along with needed dependencies, compile (if necessary), and gain some understanding of how things work and where things go.

Copy "jmdns.jar" to pdj directory's dist/classes.

3. Copy "" (included in attached zip archive) to
pdj directory's dist/classes.

4. Add pdj external to your pure-data's path. (pdj directory's dist folder)

5. Try out included test patch!

NOTE. Test patch also utilizes the following pure-data externals: bbogart/popup, mrpeach/osc, mrpeach/net, zexy/build.

LINUX USERS. In order for the external to listen on avahi network, you must define your system's ip in /etc/hosts that is not localhost's "".

Written by Murray Foster 2010