will a little bit of help and some thinking I managed to get Pd and monome talking.

I can send information to monome and i can trigger bangs on Pd, half way there.

now all I need is a little bit of help assisigning monomes buttons to individual sliders / bangs / etc. at the moment all i can get to work is a bang when I hold the buttons down (if that makes any sense)
I hold down a button on monome and the bang (my patch) starts, I release the button and the Bang (and my patch) stops.

how do I get the buttons and my bang to stay on. is there special code to do this.

basically all I want to do is assign buttons to individual bangs, much like the way I would have done this with a midi keyboard.

please help.

oh and if anyone is needing any help setting up a monome with Pd i posted a comment on the monome forum listing what i did.
just look for my name.