I have build a six shot sampler with tabplay~ objects since these have the benefit of sample accurate adjusting the start adress ( helpfull when recording too late )
But since these are one shot ( adjustable end adress too ) and non transposable , I wonder if there's a method to adjsut the start adress of tabread~ objects .
Assume the tabread is 88200 samples long , but recording only begun after 17500 samples .
I can use the same method as tabread , use as fader 0-1 multiplied by lenght of file into line ~ and into tabread to get to the first audible sample peaks to determine start adress
So I get a tabread of 176400 samples , with 90000 samples of silence at the beginning , subtracting these from the sample length is 86400
SO the Line should start at 86400 instantly , then the second phase are the resulting samples and time correction .of 1959 MS
OK got it
This should be it
90000 0 0 ,17640 1959 0 ,0 0 1959