Hey all,
Just asked a question about latency in audio processing and trying to get cpitchshift to work as best I can and have it be most effective.

I am trying to use cpitchshift to pitch shift down an octave right now mostly and trying to do it by an octave.

For this operation I am trying to downshift an octave using 2048 window size. In the right inlet I am sending -10.5. , , , but read on. . .

So my questions:

1: So, using cpitchshift I believe the variable that you put in the right inlet is the pitchshift using integers as half-steps. But it seems to be off. I tried -12 but the pitch was not an octave. Not even close. I adjusted the float to -10.5 to get approximately an octave. Any ideas? These are low notes I am trying to get. Think 98 hertz to 49 hertz, for instance.

2: What is the latency if I am using 2048 window size? Is there a way to determine the latency?

3: The NB quote at the end: Upwards pitch shifting is limited by the buffer size (1000ms = ca. 3 1/2 octaves at window size 4096.) What does this mean?

4: If I am trying to get very low pitches what between 20 - 75 hertz, what buffer size should I use?

I think that is the gist of my questions. Help. :)