Here I've uploaded plot graph as an abstraction plus two other abstractions to assist in its usage make-plot and cursor-drive

plot-graph creation: plot-graph unique-name size-x size-y;
Address the settings with messages to in-unique-name (eg [s in-$0-channel-L] or connect a control-rate wire to top left corner;

make-plot creation: make-plot array-name plot-resolution;
eg [make-plot $0-left-channel 200]
make-plot is used to take the audio file size given by soundfiler and divide that by the x resolution of the plot-graph window, read the array in chunks of the min max amplitudes to plot the waveform.

cursor-drive creation: [cursor-drive x resolution] eg [cursor-drive 200] drives the play cursor if active

For best results I found it best to keep the resolution to half the window size, say 200 window 100 resolution

SETTINGS. for plot-graph
size float float (can be set as a creation arg);
min float (y value <= 0 for peaks -1 to 0);
max float (y values>= 0 for peaks 0 to 1);
index float (x value 0 to resolution cur float (x position for cursor 0 to resolution);
cur-vis float (hide/show cursor 0 or 1);
min-vis float (hide/show min plot 0 or 1);
max-vis float (hide/show max plot 0 or 1);
colour float float float float float float;
float 1 = back colour (0 to 999 struct colours);
float 2 = border colour (0 to 999 struct colours);
float 3 = plot colour (0 to 999 struct colours);
float 4 = cursor colour (0 to 999 struct colours);
float 5 = plot thickness (1 to 5ish);
float 6 = border thickness (0 to 30ish);
plot-fill float (hide/show fill 0 or 1)
fill-col float float (0 to 999 thickness 0 to 5)

For an animated plot with fill try the following in the plot-graph-help
load audio file
click 100 resolution
click look here for more
scale x using the number-box to 200
toggle off min-vis and cursor-vis
click play (and loop if a small file)
in the more page
toggle scope plot
toggle fill plot
adjust normalise
play with the colours

plot-graph.pd and plot-graph-help.pd are read only to prevent overwriting the defaults, change this if you wish

Have fun
The picture is reduced to 70%