Apologies if this is not the exact place to share my library but this is my first time sharing something like this. I recently started compiling a externals library of my own call Clear Essentials. I been learning pd for a few years now and since I've mashed together a synth or two by now I have started breaking some of those projects down into smaller more manageable external patches. So I figured it was about time to put some effort into making a library out of them. So I created Clear Essentials.

CE is a collection of patches written by me other licenses may apply for specific objects.. These are not meant to re-invent the wheel There are many other robust libraries available that provide solutions that do not need to be repeated. CE primary focus will be to provide a bit more of a graphical interface with customizable options to get closer to that end result. While most patches contained in this external library will be more gui intensive (mainly pd vanilla) with the exception of a few image objects. The option to hide the gui will be available in the case of the patch being used on a headless device.

10 new objects available via git hub.

ce_colorpicker - a small 8 swatch color picker with multipul output formats
ce_adsr - quickly modify the attack decay sustain and release of a array.
ce_customarray - create custom harmonic wave shapes.
ce_lfopartials - enables automation to partial elements of the osc voice..
ce_filters - 7 filters used to modify the signal inlet for the osc voice.
ce_oscdisplay - Display's the active osc voice in this window.
ce_voicedmidi - will convert the tone through a mic to midi notes and outlet its numerical note value and velocity.
ce_lfopresets - is a small lfo controller that is used with [ce_customarray].
ce_wavetablepresets - is a selector tool to be used with objects susch as multivsl or objects that can take a [set float float< message.
ce_gbuffer - is a simple glitch effect that holds a 2 seconds delay buffer.


ExamplePatch.pd is also provided to demonstrate all of the new objects working together. :)

I would love to hear something if you make anything cool with this.

Any feedback is appreciated.

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