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    I was hoping that was not the case. I went over the help a few times and was crossing my fingers that I was missing something. Well its a shame I'm going to have to put this feature on hold until I can figure out a way to get the second version working consistently. Thx for the input Ill keep hacking away at it.

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    So I have run into a crossroads I'm not sure how to proceed. In this thread I included 2 versions of my abstraction. The first works 100%
    The problems I am having showed its face when I decided to add pitch control to the mixer track which is the second version
    of the abstraction.

    Version 1 - OBSampleMixerV1.pd - This version works but without pitch control.

    Version 2 - OBSampleMixerV2.pd - With pitch control additions to [soundfiler] using phasor and tabread4~

    Note* the first version still exists inside V2 I reverted back for testing and disconnected the signal from tabread4~ on purpose,

    I should first explain that this abstraction is one single track in the mixer. The track is cloned 16 times with the control of 4 banks giving and total of 64 tracks the patch is title "OverBlast" featuring a 16 step sampler sequencer.

    I seam to run into issues with tabplay~ and tabread4~ in the first version no more is need after [soundfiler] so all sounds are played all the way through 100% of the time when the sequencer is playing. But since I need pitch control for each track I had to modify the abstraction to allow it.

    Now my question is how would I go about incorporating this new addition to [tabplay~] instead of using [phasor] after [soundfiler] then [tabread4~] so on and so forth or is that even possible? basically I need to use [soundfiler] with [tabplay~] somehow. In the new version the playing of sounds is very inconsistent and often are not triggered at all aside from extra steps to find the end of the sample to stop playing the ect.

    Warning this abstraction is not for the faint of heart. It applies some advanced audio concepts borrowed from a very old puredata tutorial. I heavily modified this tutorial to suit my needs.

    PURE DATA: 22 Advanced Audio with [tabread4~]
    By: cheetomoskeeto

    I myself have been coding with puredata for about a year. So its not the cleanest but I have tried to keep it as neat as possible.

    Any advice is much appreciated. Thank you in advance. :)

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    I figured as much . I have made a lot of progress since this version. And yes it is a big patch apologies.

    Are you getting anything in the console? One thing you can check is the location of the wave samples they cannot have any spaces or even in the file names. that might help.

    Thanks for taking a interest in the patch.

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    I have recently run into the issue and i not sure how to deal with it exactly.

    I have been updating my 16 step sequencer by adding velocity control a soft med and hard button.

    I get down to it the velocities are always overwriting the mixer volume how can I keep the over all control of the mixer volume from [route] while including the velocity of the incoming {r CurrentStepVel] . the abstraction currently works except I can no longer change the overall mixer volume because {r CurrentStepVel] changes to a differently value when the 16 step sequencer is being played.

    I dont think i have to simply [+] them together wont that make things start to clip?


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    At the time that I posted this I don't think I had found it yet. I changed the way this abstraction works but it is still a little buggy.

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    timeStretch i think i found it by find externals in pd

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    So are you saying can do something like this for each of the bng's in the pad selector abstraction? [padbtn 1 21 47] then use [$1] [$2] [$3] inside of the abstraction or somthing to that effect? I thought i read somewhere I was only able to use 1 creation argument? < I could be making that up. idk lol

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    Well I could have swore I tried this variation of the abstraction but it seams to work now. I had to modify the way the color is changed and this seams to be working now.

    I had to remove the color message and send the arguments through a symbol displayed in the screen cap.

    As for setting a color as a creation argument I have no idea how to do that. Im only aware of how to set a creation index. Hope you can point me to and example of that.

    I will admit I am dealing with some spaghetti code and now that the errors are gone.

    The color changes and not consistent. :/



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    Im having a problem while changing the color of a bng.

    The abstraction works if the first bank is selected with no errors. But when any other bank is selected I get the errors thrown in the screen cap. The odd thing is I can set the label just fine but when it comes to the color I cant figure out how to get this to work.

    I originally thought the bug was happening because of how the banks are selected but that is not the case. The reason I came to that conclusion is the labels are being set correctly no matter what bank is selected and both the color and label are being triggered from the same float.



    So for some reason
    $1-patternbtn-recv color 21/

    is acting like a object. Or as obviously stated in the console the object can not be found. is there a different way to send the color change other then this method?
    One thing I know for sure if i disconnect the [; $1-patternbtn-recv 21/ message and OBSBSelectorActiveBtnColorChange abstraction all of the errors go away.

    I have to mention this is part of a cloned abstraction provided in case the issue stems from here I'm not sure.


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    Thanks for the tips I was able to figure it out. All is good the sky is no longer falling for the time being. :)

    If anyone is interested here is the working abstraction


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