Hey :)

Just wanted to share an idea I got a while ago for making a preset system using "savestate" and an array.

I wanted to take advantage of "savestate" being able to actually store data to each unique version of an abstraction, without using .txt files. Everything is stored internally in PD.

It uses an array to temporarily hold the parameter data and then use "array get" and "array set" to get and set the data to "savestate", for actual storing and recalling the data when saving and loading a pd patch,

I haven't seen anyone doing something similar, so I thought I'd share it.

It's very simple and it works really well. There is also a copy preset function build in.

It can be found on my Github page:

There is an description inside the abstraction that shows how to set it up. I think the description should work, if not, then let me know and I will add better description.

Have fun!

Any suggestions for updates are welcome ;)

Best wishes, Jakob Skouborg(Jaffasplaffa)