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    Thanks guys,

    I was trying to get Katjaa's Slice jockey working on OSX 10.10 and in the description of the patch, it says I need to use extended, so I just followed that, but then I get the above problem, some dylib issue which is related to X11. And I also tried in Vanilla but didnt get it working there either, but I dont remember what the vanilla issue was right now. I am still pretty new to PD, so I don't know all the tricks yet and what can substitute other things.

    I got Purr data too, actually, I will try that one.


    Anyone played around with that patch? I freaking can't wait til I get it working.

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    Have been trying to get Extended working on my Macbook, but with not much luck yet. I keep getting this error:
    /Users/X/Library/Pd/pdp/pdp.pd_darwin: dlopen(/Users/X/Library/Pd/pdp/pdp.pd_darwin, 10): Library not loaded: @loader_path/libintl.8.dylib
    Referenced from: /Users/X/Library/Pd/pdp/libs/libquicktime.1.dylib
    Reason: image not found
    pdp: can't load library

    I did some googling and found that installing X11 is needed for Extended to work. I all ready got X11, or XQuartz installed. I think actually it comes with later OSX, version, but anyway, it is working and updated to latest version, but I STILL get the above error.

    Also I tried loading a few patches, but objects like z~ is missing too. I am assuming when I get the above issues fixed , the other issues I have will fall in place too.

    Any ideas what to do to get Extended working?


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    I am trying to make an modulation envelope that works with the lop~ filter. The lop~filter uses a control inlet for the filter frequency where vcf~ and bp~ uses a signal inlet. And the envelope I have made works perfectly for the vcf~ & the bp~ but not the lop~.

    I tried using snapshot~ to convert from signal to control, but the result is not good, even when I feed the snapshot~with a very fast metro to refresh it rapidly.

    My patch looks like this:
    example 2.png

    The subpatch on the left side is the sequencer so you can see what signal I feed into the envelope. When I am live with the patch I can see that the envelope receives a trigger signal. So I am pretty sure the inlet/trigger part is working, so I dont think that is the issue.

    On right side is the envelope that I cannot get working with the lop~ filter.

    Does anyone have a suggestion to:
    a. What I can do to either get the decay envelope I all ready have working in another way than using snapshot~.

    b. Make a new decay envelope that uses control signal. Or maybe there is all ready one? I havent been able to find one....

    Any help appreciated!

    Thanks, Jaffa!

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  • jaffasplaffa


    How did you get those dials? :)

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    Heeeeelllloooo PD users :)

    Here is my first contribution to the community library. This is a midi controller abstraction for the
    Novation Launch Controller. The first 4 pages on the Launch Controller are assigned to midi cc and gives you full feedback over the LED's See further description in patch.

    Patch with abstractions for each of the first 4 pages:
    Launch Controller .pd

    I have also included the 4 Launch Controller set up for the 4 pages to get you started.
    PD user page 1.syx
    PD user page 2.syx
    PD user page 3.syx
    PD user page 4.syx

    These have been updated, the first version I put was not really working. I was a bit too quick posting
    it out of Pure excitement ;)

    Have fun!


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    Argh. I found out. It was a human mistake. I pushed the wrong button when trying to play the sample. Anyway, thanks for the input. Still learning :)

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    Hello :)

    I am pretty new to PD and I am having some issues with an "audio I/O error" when turning on DSP.

    I am trying to follow this tutorial:

    But I dont get any sound at all and it doesnt matter how I set it up(following the different methods presented in the video), there is no sound. I copied the audiofile to the same folder as the PD patch and did an "open X.wav"..... but that doesnt work. I also tried the method where you select file from harddisc, but still no luck. This is the patch(audio is set to samplerate 48000 cause the sample is 48000:

    Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 15.39.53.png
    I have done the audio test in "test audio & midi" and there i get sound. That works.

    I also tried using this patch and here I also get sound:

    Can anyone point out to me what might be wrong with my setup? I have 0.43.4-extended version of PD on Mac.

    Thanks ;)

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  • jaffasplaffa

    @rjpg That worked. Thanks :) I have got sound now.

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    Thanks for the input. I will check what you wrote about audio settings. But I did do the start test and checked that PD audio is working. I did post the patch in the first post i made. It is called wavetablemaker.pd

    But I just got a new version with tablesize implemented. And it is the same result

    Now I just checked the audio and it works with some of the tutorial patches... And also the test tone works . But as soon as I load that patch I get the Audio I/O error. And a few other error.

    pd error2.png

    (Osx 10.10)


    I also got deken installed and the list-abs and zexy from find externals.

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