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    Stutter effect can be easily done using a delay. If you have something going into a tabwrite~ and send out of a tabread~ you can simply bypass the input for the tabwrite~ and route the tabread~ back into tabwrite~, like feedback with no gain setting.

    Something like this:
    Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 18.27.58.png

    I saw you were working on a new version of the delay objects. I think I saw a freeze function in that? That will probably be able to make a nice stutter effect too :)

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    Hey guys!

    Sorry for the late reply. Had a really long and rough week. My mom just got cancer, so have not had time for PD for a while.

    I will check your posts and learn from the storemasters. I think you both are in that category ;)

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    It reversed the order, as far as I could see. If I did a list-rev for the order only, it seemed to work.

    But yeah I tried the last one you posted and that one works perfectly :)

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    Thanks I will check the decending order out too. I noticed issues when doing the decending order here.

    I did make one here, where I use list-rev, for the decending order. That works.

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    Wow, that was fast :)

    A lot smarter than what I was playing around with.

    Thank you very much ;)

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    I have a list of let's say 8 number:
    42 31 96 29 53 32 39 16

    Then I sort them from low>high using list-sort abs from list-abs:
    16 29 31 32 39 42 53 96

    This works fine, but the next step I am not even sure where to begin with.

    The next step I would like to do is to get the order of the reordered list, which in this case would be:
    7 3 1 5 6 0 4 2

    The 7th element of the original list is now first, the 3rd element of the first list is now second and so on.

    How would I go about getting the order of the reordered list?

    I would like to apply that same order from that list to some other lists.

    I checked list-sort abs and printet some of the data from the different processes, but I didn't find the actual order. I am really not familiar with data structures.

    Any suggestions?

    (the length of is just an example, the lists are going to be longer, sometimes 16 elements, sometimes 64 elements.....=


    Here is a starting point:

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    Ah, thanks!

    I love simplicity :)

    Still so much to learn, hehe :)

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    Ahh, just tried on a larger table, seems like it works :)

    Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 00.28.45.png

    A there is still some issues with some sizes of the table for the second version.

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    That's a pretty clever approach. Would never have thought of that.

    Next thing I was planning to do was to make a function that mirrors the table data. It takes the first half of the table and reverse it and place it in the second half of the table, like if you mirrored the table content.

    Already got that working for Davids version and trying to do that with the one you suggest here:
    Screen Shot 2021-02-13 at 00.18.36.png


    Seems like it's half way through the mirroring it's missing a few indexes. Gonna try tweaking it a bit further.

    I think both ways can work here. This is not an operation which is going to be done "live", it's just some sample preparation/manipulation to a buffer and then save the buffer and play it back in other patches.

    Thanks, gonna try tweaking it and see if I can make the mirror version work fully too with second version.

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    Yep that seems to work flawlessly.

    Thats a pretty nice array tutorial patch. Have to look more into that I think :)

    Thanks :)

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