I recently got a korg nano key studio midi Bluetooth controller because I intend in making a subtractive synth patch I can run on MobMuPlat. I tested the nano on an iPad mini and it works, it shows up on the audio and midi options on Mobmuplat and I am able to receive midi messages on a test patch I made. On android I don't see any devices showing up on audio and midi, I tried to connect the keyboard using several bluetooth midi apps but none seem to work.

Whenever I tap refresh midi devices on android I get a message like this:

USBMIDI: found 0 MIDI devices.

Maybe I need an app on my android that connects bluetooth midi and sends it through some kind of midi usb buffer, but I have no experience with bluetooth midi stuff. Does anyone here has successfully got a bluetooth midi keyboard like the nano working on android on mobmuplat?