UPDATE: 2023-01-11:

I just noticed the zip was missing the needed [sc] abstraction to play the tester. Have updated the zip below to include it. Please, accept my apologies for the deficiency. -PTS-LTM, s


(no other changes)


Before I built Jass~(Gemini) I first had to spend a lot of time gathering together all the information I could about all the basic synth types.

This patch consolidates all 5 of the basic types (additive, frequency, phase, pulse, and amplitude) under one heading so that they may be more quickly, easily, and readily comprehended.

It includes selectors for the carrier and modulator wave types, as well as, the two basic controls for each type, and an array so you can both see and hear how those basic types look, feel, and sound.

It's also just sort of cool to listen to.

I hope it may make it easier for you to digest the (what may initially seem complex ideas) more readily and conveniently.

Note: the floss-manuals have a lot to say about it, but leave off some stuff. And the audio-examples -help files are spread out across a lot of space and leave off the viable ranges for each control/parameter.

Good luck! Happy PD-ing. Stay healthy and

Peace through Music and Love through sharing.

p.s. if you find something that is "wrong" about the patches, in terms of how that type of mod is suppose to work, please, let me know, as I did have to guess about a lot of stuff and would love to learn.