route2d: a two dimensional route~ing matrix


everything in 1 gets masterIN;
Everything in 4 sends to masterOUT;
all columns;
receive 1 in~;
sent to all objects, i.e. red, yellow, green, and blue, inside that column;
send 1 out~ (summed/+~) for that slot, i.e. each color is processed in parallel then mixdowned;
each column passes its input from left to right;
if no objects are in a column it passes the clean signal;
if an object is inside column "0" it is not included anywhere in the matrix;
whether the signal flows from left to right or right to left can be set via the ":>|<" toggle;
objects may be moved ([wrap]) to the right with the ">" bangs;
the left-most inlet is the original signal;
the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th inlets~ are the in~s respectively for red, yellow, green, and blue;
vice versa for the outlets~, r, y, g, b, then masterout~.

So the given example is a linear configuration: chorus to delay to flanger to reverb.


"May it serve you well."