If you are just starting out with Pd, or about to post a problem with your first patch, there is something fundamental that you need to know about how Pd works.
Pd is deterministic...... data moves through the patch in a way that you determine as you connect objects together.
But probably not as you might at first think.
Every object that sends data out will send data first on its rightmost outlet.
Then on the next rightmost outlet...... and so on until finally it sends on the leftmost outlet.

BUT..:exclamation: when an outlet sends that data nothing will be sent on the next outlet until that data has travelled all the way down the patch to the end of the chain...... and always right first.

AND..:exclamation: nothing at all is sent until something arrives on the left inlet.
The left inlet is called the "hot" inlet for that reason.
The other inlets are called the "cold" inlets and values can be stored there until the "hot" inlet receives data or is "banged".

This web page...... How Pd works ..... will tell you nearly everything you need to know about Pd..