t's with lots of pleasure that I announce the last update of ELSE + my
tutorial with 10 new objects (393 in total) and new examples on the
tutorial regarding these new objects (410 in total). New objects comprise
tuning utilitites (that allow us to deal with exotic/weird/arbitrary
scales) and granulator abstractions. There are also many
fixes/improvements, check the changelog at:
https://github.com/porres/pd-else/releases/tag/v1.0-beta36 - this release
needs at least pd 0.51-3, but pd 0.51-4 came out nearly two minutes later
and you should just get it anyway (why stay behind, right?). Anyway, obviously, you can get ELSE with the tutorial directly from Pd's external manager (aka deken).

And the greatest news is that we're finally officially supporting a build
of camomile that includes the externals from ELSE!!! Camomile itself is a
little behind (using Pd 0.51-0) but most of the library works. The main
issue is that 2 objects that rely on the new "pd-forward"
message (introduced in Pd 0.51-2) won't work: these are [batch.rec~] and
[batch.write~]. So, get camomile with ELSE at
https://github.com/emviveros/Camomile-ELSE/releases/tag/beta36 and have
lots of fun building plguins for your favorite DAW!

Cheers and happy 2021, let's hope the sequel isn't as bad as 2020!