gensyn~: generic, multi-modulator synthesizer abstraction


what makes this synthesizer abstraction different is:

In addition to the common access to adsr(filter and amp) and vcf~(cutoff and frequency)

It also includes

  • 5 available modulation types for two wavetables
    • additive and frequency, phase, pulse, and amplitude modulation
  • 8 possible types for each wavetable
    • sine, square, triangle, saw, random, duty, pink noise, noise
      • the random is by a settable number of partials
      • the duty is a square wave with settable dutycycle
  • access to two unique parameters per modulation type

Note: The -help file has a substantial number of examples. Especially, interesting are those changing modulation type, wavetype, parameters (per mod), partials, and dutycycle on a per-voice basis by both formula and over time.

I hope you enjoy it, get some use out of it, or it just makes you smile or giggle.


p.s. no picture necessary. And personally, I find this Very funny. -Peace.