abs-fetch-slider: using a value (slider) multiple ways based on creation argument


reuse a value by only changing the value;
once the value matches the previously set value;
for that index/creation argumet.;
Getting a (hardware) knob to serve multiple functions;
by only having it change its value once the previous value for that index is hit.;
(See the help file for details, using two ctlin to set multiple values)
I have found it very frustrating that when using hardware you can't use one knob for multiple purposes because the knob is literally always in the last state you left it.;
one creation argument: the identifying index;
two inlets: left: the incoming value and right the index;
one outlet the value for that index

When you change the index, just change the knob until the audio, image, value, etc., i.e. result starts changing.

It will ONLY change once the previously set value for that index is hit..

So it "saves state".

Stay Safe.