In case anyone else may need such a thing...

Here is the Miller/Help adsr with an added layer, such that, all 4 parameters can be controlled via one value, [0..127], in other words one midi [ctrlin].

It is mapped such that it includes all possible 81 combinations (of 3 values per parameter).

It takes a list of 12 values (on the right most inlet) to set the 3 values/parameter.

And the 2nd from right inlet as the ctrlin, i.e. [0..127] value, to change the values.

It includes a (far) right outlet indicating which of the 81 states the adsr is in.

"May it serve you well."


p.s. While sacrificing granularity, it makes up for it with compactness. Since, given only two knobs (one for filter and one for amp), I get 6561 comibinations.

p.p.s. As long as, I (the user) enters 12 appreciated values for the values list. :-)