ELSE 1.0 beta 29 with live electronics tutorial is out. This library version needs at Pd version 0.51-0 or above! Most importantly, I fixed a bug in [dir] where it couldn't load absolute paths in windows. I also made nice improvements to [keyboard] and included a new GUI object for text input (messbox), which is like an atom box (where you can insert data while in run mode) but for any kind of message.

There's other stuff and breaking changes as usual as this is still a beta project, so check the detailed changelog at https://github.com/porres/Live-Electronic-Music-Tutorial/releases/tag/v1.0-beta-29 - where you can download this and earlier versions. You can also get else directly via Pd (in Help => Find Externals). This download also contains the "Live Electronics Tutorial", in a version compatible to this version of ELSE. Find the "Live Electronics Tutorial" folder inside the 'else' folder.