2nd bugfix release of cyclone 0.5 (released about a month ago) is out!

Cyclone 0.5-2 doesn't offer that much. It includes a couple of bug fixes and adds a receive symbol to [scope~]. Inlets to [scope~] are now drawn while in edit mode like in Max. A rudimentary/preliminary properties window is also available for [comment], hopefully next release will have a fancier final one.

This bugfix release is specially necessary for those who've been using [comment] since cyclone 0.3 and even more since 0.5 - not much to worry, just start using it soon and resave your patches. I won't get into details of my plans and why, but this will be useful in the long run to improve backwards compatibility.

Find all binaries and changelog here, this is already available via deken as well for all platforms.