Hi all,

Purr Data 2.11.0 is now available


  • fixed ambiguity in [select] where argument "bang" could match
  • both "symbol bang" and an incoming "bang" message (Thanks Zack!)
  • fixed graph label position to be consistent with pd-l2ork 1.0 (Pd
  • Vanilla positioning still available with "-legacy" flag)
  • display button for putting multiple arrays in a single graph
  • added color legend for array labels with multiple arrays of
    different colors inside one graph
  • fixed some multiply defined global variables that cause compiler errors
  • fixed potential memory leak with netreceive/netsend "disconnect"
  • fixed some segfaults with preset_hub and preset_read (Thanks Ico!)
  • fixed passing LDFLAGS to configure in the build scripts (Thanks Sam!)
  • added support for compiling on aarch64
  • fixed bug where wrap~ would default to old compatibility mode behavior
  • ported unauthorized/pianoroll (even though it's not really a piano roll)


Please report issues here: