• jancsika

    I can't remember all the little differences between the various Ubuntu flavors.

    Albert has a repo for xubuntu here. You could give it a shot using the instructions here:


    If you get dependency errors after apt install purr-data it means we'll have to compile specifically for Ubuntu Studio. Otherwise you should have a fully working install.

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  • jancsika

    What version of Ubuntu Studio?

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  • jancsika

    @ddw_music It's not necessarily difficult. I've just gotten a lot of ways to get Gem up and running which aren't really maintainable. Part of the problem with Pd Extended was that there were too many hacks to get it compiling on each platform. I want to avoid those problems as much as possible in Purr Data.

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  • jancsika

    That might offset some of the feeling that the documentation isn't there yet.

    I'm not sure how that affects the documentation/lack of documentation.

    Would it be any more or less work just to make it loadable in Purr Data?

    It's the same amount of work either way. But the payoff for that work is smaller if the documentation/usability isn't there.

    Edit: however, don't let me stop anyone from testing it with Purr Data. And if there are bugs in Purr Data that keep it from working with Ofelia please post an issue to the issue tracker.

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  • jancsika

    Purr Data 2.10.0 is now available:



    • iem_spec2/spec2_tabreceive_enable~: fix array error handler and set sane default array name value
    • fix partconv crashers in bsaylor lib and add perfroutine for array errors
    • adaptive/nlms3~: fix typo that caused a double free
    • fix lyonpotpourri crashers in dsp, perform and constructor routines
    • at least keep the inoperable streamout13~ and streamin13~ from crashing when instantiating
    • use some sane default values in ekext/lpreson~ to prevent segfault
    • quick fixes to keep cxc/mean~ from crashing when dsp is turned on
    • greatly reduce undefined behavior in all dsp objects
    • fix hex2dec so that it actually does something useful
    • fix #523: crash with manual width adjustment on subpatch
    • add ability to change makefile flags for Gem from toplevel makefile
    • fix stray bugs detected by obs
    • unauthorized/cooled~: increase string buffer size to accommodate the terminating nul character
    • unauthorized/cooled~: fix memory access bug trying to concatenate into a string constant
    • iemmatrix/mtx_dispersive_dline: add missing void return type
    • allow make options like -j8 to be passed to the Gem compilation, which takes awfully long on a single cpu.
    • cxc/cxc_split: fix use of un-initialized pointer
    • ggee/serial_bird: fix undefined behavior with the ++ operator
    • ext13/scramble~: fix header for scramble~
    • jasch_lib/detox/detox: reformat for sanity's sake, fix array overflow, undefined behavior
    • linux desktop: remove the -rt -audiobuf options from the desktop files.
    • linux desktop: change DEFAULTADVANCE to 20 ms for Linux.
    • linux desktop: remove leftover TargetEnvironment=Unity lines in menu entries for Purr Data
    • linux desktop: add some comments and a few more useful desktop action examples to the main desktop file, so that the user understands how to adjust these if needed.
    • linux desktop: replace pd-gui -> nw in the ForceQuit actions, which is the proper name of the GUI program on Linux
    • linux desktop: remove useless %U arguments from desktop actions.
    • linux desktop: invoke desktop actions via /bin/sh.
    • linux desktop: migrate the desktop actions from the ancient Unity syntax to the current freedesktop.org standard
    • linux desktop: remove sticky options from the desktop files. For now, keep -rt -audiobuf 20.
    • Gem: sync with https://github.com/umlaeute/Gem, QT4L and startup issues have been fixed
    • linux: fix the Debian control files once again, since the dependency auto-detection needs a Depends line in there.
    • debuild: Support for ARM (e.g., Raspbian)
    • update nw-update to nw.js 0.24.4 to fix font issues under Linux
    • backport 'add-to-path' from vanilla rev. c917dd19, to make Gem happy.
    • usability improvements in the documentation browser.
    • switch Gem to the latest from upstream.
    • add missing dlls for fluid~ on Windows. Fixes #540.
    • Debian packaging: Demote python and fluid-soundfont dependencies, as suggested in #540.
    • polish the externals/Makefile clean targets, and delete redundant files in repo
    • fix compile options for Xcode 10 - fftease and lyonpotpourri externals.
    • update pd-lua to latest upstream.
    • fix compile options for Xcode 10 - externals and abstractions.
    • fix compile options for Xcode 10.
    • ios header needs to be included before base64.h, to avoid compile errors on macOS 10.14.
    • fix improper string access in pd_getdirname on Mac.
    • fix list cat crasher, update help patch, add missing test abstractions
    • get rid of obsolete and unneeded unicap and sndobj dependencies on Linux.
    • mark some globals as extern to fix compilation if g_canvas.h is included more than once

    Please report bugs here:


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  • jancsika

    Thanks for the feedback. I've been impressed with what has been posted on the forum about it, and I was trying to figure out if I should attempt to bundle Ofelia with Purr Data. But it sounds like I should probably wait until the documentation/interface becomes more solid.

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  • jancsika

    Glancing at the code I see sevy copy/pasted a few non-public header files from the lame mp3 library. It appears that those libraries haven't really changed their structure but I'm not absolutely sure.

    Also, I see one piece of the copy-pasta (interface.h) has some duct-tape that ends up recursively calling itself. Legal, but weird.

    So your crasher could have to do with running as a 64-bit binary, the fingerpainting dependency copy/pasta, or something else entirely.

    I'm actually not able to instantiate it on my Chromebook because it can't find any of the symbols from the header copy/pasta. But I see those symbols in the lame library guts so I'll try static linking later and see what happens.

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  • jancsika

    Is Ofelia a replacement for Gem?

    Is it possible for a user create easy to moderate projects by only using Pd objects? In other words, can a user get work done it it without learning any new languages?

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  • jancsika

    @60htz It has been merged for awhile. I just haven't done a release yet.

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