So I have been working on OverBlast for almost a year and it is finally to a point where I feel like it can be release to the public to at lease to have some fun with it.


OverBalst is a 32 step sampler sequencer written in Vanilla 0.49.0 it features a sample editor to chop wave samples to then be used with the sequencer its pretty straight forward.

There are many bugs that have to be ironed out which is why I wanted to get this out to the people I need all the help I can get.

In this current build you can not export a song to wave but they can be played in full length. Again I should mention this is buggy.

Side note* To fix most initial errors click the Create_New button wait for it to finish then restart OverBlast. This will generate new temp default files to load on startup.

Enjoy the patch
Im still hard at work on it. :)

Here is a little loop that i made with OverBlast.