ELSE 1.0 beta 22 is out! Enough teasing, the new update is here! The main feature here is the ability to set exponential curves in the [envgen~] object as a I posted earlier this week. I'm really proud of this as this makes this object the most versatile and complete envelope generator for Pd by far. There's basically nothing missing I can think of (except maybe add multiple sustain points eventually).

The [function~] object can also generate exponential curves, in the same way as [envgen~], and this is cool to draw some crazy waveforms.

The [dir] object has suffered a major overhaul (with breaking changes) and includes new features. I'm also pretty proud of this one as it really makes it easy opening, browsing and managing files in a directory. This has always given me quite a headache and I think I finally nailed it. You can now also just query for a file extension (such as .wav files).

The last highlights is that [sort] can now sort symbols, and there are 3 new objects to manage lists ([sum], [slice] and [stream]). More details at https://github.com/porres/pd-else/releases/tag/v1.0-beta22

Almost all binaries are available there and in a few hours this will be available via deken so you can download directly from Pd.

My tutorial was also updated to reflect some of these updates, more details at https://github.com/porres/Live-Electronic-Music-Tutorial/releases/tag/v1.0-beta-12