I've been thinking about this feature a lot, as I repeat this task many times in any one work session...

The process/requirements for the plugin:

  1. user selects a connection
  2. plugin turns dsp on, if it is not already
  3. press and hold the modifier key+the assigned key
  4. a [number] pops up on screen beside the connection
  5. which shows the [env~] (line~ version) for the selected connection (or if non-~ just the current value out for that connector)
  6. release the assigned key
  7. the [number] is removed
  8. dsp is returned to its original state.


I have a piece of electronics hardware (I use with my arduino) with an alligator clip on one end and a pointer+led on the other. So by touching the pointer to a wire you can tell if a line is "hot"/getting any current or not.

And I know, I, for one, would love if this were a part of PD.

So a live line-tester, esp. automating the 1) add [env~] 2) add number, and 3) connect process I always use when I am debugging a patch.

So sort of a pd-pointer with live/visual feedback.

I have no clue how to write plugins. So could really use someone/higher minds to program it. And do think it would be for The Greater Good of the community once accomplished.

Peace. Thanks, for considering. Look fwd to hearing your insight, direction, results, etc.