Purr Data 2.7.0 has been released:



  • [unpost] was ported from desiredata. Messages to the console-- including errors-- can be redirected to the left outlet of [unpost]. This is quite helpful for automated testing
  • [makefilename] was fixed to prevent crashers and memory errors.
  • room_sim_2d and room_sim_3d were ported and now show up correctly in the GUI
  • flatgui/knob GUI was ported. With moonlib/mknob, this makes two externals to make a GUI knobs in Purr Data (in addition to data structures). Given that no modern general-purpose GUI toolkit I know of ships knob widgets, that seems like three too many. But for some reason people working in audio need to cover their screen with them. So here we are.
  • some double-precision fixes
  • ALSA MIDI fixes