This is a repackaging of the MobMuPlat Effects Collection I previously posted.

The change is:

This is built as an actual effects, ex. guitar, etc., app that has a complete stack/effects chain with one (of 29) effects.

The audio path is as follows:

adc|rnd > noisegate > eq3+pre > compressor > 1_of_the_MMP_effects > and reverb.

Both a demonstration of the concept as well as a full-fledged Mobmuplat app.

It consists of two pages:

the first being the controls for the new added effects and
the second being the original mmp_effects_collection demonstration controls.

"May it serve it you well."

Ciao for now.


note: the new effects, i.e. ng, eq3, and comp, are all MMP-compliant and are now included in the mmp_effs directory and the reverb is achieved by pointing to the reverb that was in the original mmp_effs folder.

All of the original effects are also in the mmp_effs directory.