I'm having issues with the audio settings. First thing I noticed a while ago is that I couldn't save my settings. I don't remember when it started, maybe when 0.47 was released. It's a bit tedious as I have to set my sound card every time I launch PD, but I got used to it. Then a few days ago I noticed PD crashes when I try to change the block size (only 64 and 128 work). And today, as I receive MIDI data from a Bela board over usb, I noticed that I sometimes don't receive the MIDI messages (I know they are correctly sent), and things get back to normal when I open my MIDI settings. I don't know if these issues are related... and I'm also wondering if it might be related to this issue I posted yesterday :

I'm having an increasing number of problems of this kind, could it be related to my aging mac (osx 10.7.5) ?