i want to start with libpd to build more efficient guis than with pure data alone.
pure data is my first programming language but i am willing to learn something else for using libpd.
it would be nice if i cannot compile only mobile versions but also for windows, linux or mac os.
so i thought libpd with processing could be a good starting point.
but its not as easy to get started as mentioned on the github page:
"If you just want to use libpd with Processing, then you can unpack the file pdp5.zip into the libraries folder of Processing. On my Mac, that folder is Documents/Processing/libraries."
especially ProtoDROM sounds interesting: https://makezine.com/2012/09/24/protodrom-prototyping-with-pure-data-and-processing/
does anybody run puredatap5 on a windows os, and knows how to make it work?
or is there a programming language/enviroment like unity or android studio that works better/easier on windows with libpd?
here is some additional information i found about libpd and processing.