So, a while ago I was discussing an issue on here in which vbap crashes when asked to configure more than 16 speakers. This issues turned out to be a known bug:
In the meantime Pierre Guillot has written a brilliant new vbap~ but this one, as indicated by the tilde is a audio rate object and the other is not, which makes it a lot less expensive if you are using a lot of them...which is not unlikely if you are using a lot of speakers.

LUCKILY, according to the thread in the bug report above the original vpab has been repaired! This is great news, except I cannot find it. IOhannes m zmolnig says in that bug report ""with rev.17464" is a specific revision of the vbap external (the current one), as found in the SVN repository." but I do not see it there (maybe one of you can point me to it?) and also I wonder if it will be compiled? I have been having an issue in that many of these great developments for spatial audio either do not work or windows - in particular windows 7 -or are completely macOS- centric, which is a little bit sad as Mac is such an expensive platform. I love the HOA library for example, but the cream externals it depends on do not work on windows *7) at least not in my experinece, though they work brilliantly on mac. but anyway I am on a tangent...I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how to get this fixed vbap from the SVN and if it will be compiled?