Hello!!!!!! Im beginning to use 3d for making scores in iannix, and this isnt what i had planned, i just want to hear how it sounds, the score will sound different and will have many more parameters while working in 3d. but for now lets focus on intensity and pitch,
here is the compressed folder that has a pd patch that @whale-av helped me with long ago with the iannix score i made, (the pd patch has been changed because I wanted to try for myself to sound this but i was unsuccessful)...: compressed.zip
the idea is that 1 curve will send 3 main parameters: , y for pitch, and z for volume for now, (x is for time but we don´t really have to focus on it). So what pd has to do is receive the osc data from y dimension and z dimension.
the first curve on the iannix score that is focusing on the art itself is curve number 3, as i said before, curve number 3 will send via osc the second float which belongs to the y dimension and the third float which belongs to the z dimension, So how do I assign to begin with, working with curve 3 in iannix, second float (y) to pitch to an oscillator and third float (z) to volume?(im pretty sure these floats belong to y and z, I might be wrong)
(here is the original pd patch: tidy.zip )