Sigmund~Parameter_Setter: Using guitar notes to set patch parameters



Preface: I have been doing a lot of work recently setting up an electric guitar as an "arduino guitar" (with additional knobs, switches, etc.) to run my patches.

Occurred to me a couple of days ago (while considering buying a second ard to make a guitar for a friend), I could harness sigmund~ to just capture pitch (as digital values) and envelope (as the analog values) without ever changing the inside of the guitar.

The result is this patch.


The [ON] toggle triggers a [switch~] and would be used during setup and (probably) not performance (without severely cramping one's playing style).

The grid of hradios represent the fret board (in standard guitar tuning). Low on the bottom, high on the top.

The first three (bottom hradios) strings (low-E,A,D) run from midi-pitch 40 thru 54. So if you play for example pitches 40-44, it changes the first string hradio between the values of 1 and 5. The A and D strings do the same but for their respective hradios. (The first 6 outlets (from left to right) represent the 6 strings).

The three high strings also capture hradio values. But in the special case of being in "open", (using the [env~], in other words how loudly you play the note) they send analog values between the range of 0 and 1 (as shown in the val0, val1, and val2 sliders and are sent to the right three outlets). So if you play the note loud it sets the parameter/slider closer to 1, softer closer to 0.

The "threshold" (sigmund~ minpower param) is used to filter for ambient noise and add sensitivity control and defaults to 66. So it can be set to capture the softer sounds and change the range of the analog values. (It's max is 100. Changing that value would need to be done internally within the patch).

I am pretty sure if configured properly, this makes my arduino guitar idea mute.

On the other hand, I love to play with knobs and switches :smile: so am Not going to abandon that tool for this patch.

However, I think this patch might prove useful to others.

If not to actually use, then at least for the sake of an idea-generator about how to use the fretboard (potentially instead) of arduino to set param values.

Happy Pd-ing,

p.s. This is setup to use standard guitar tuning but other tunings could easily be fashioned.

You can see the effect in action by clicking on the messages (which represent (midi) pitches)) at the top right of the help file. Changing the "gain(log)" before clicking a message impacts the analog values.

p.p.s. Sorry, it's so large, but my eye-sight is very poor and this scale just makes things a helluva a lot easier on me.


If it bounces between values on you, try (in this order): a cleaner sound (un-effected), changing the threshold, or if necessary the parameters inside the sigmund~ object.