1-knob tone_control~: which ramps an EQ3's hi and los in 2 different ways



I figured out the math for this the other day, so thought to package it now and share it.

It uses [knob] so of course any control sending in the right inlet 0-1 will do.

What it does is with the knob less than 0.5 the lo and hi ramp up together to about 0.67 with the differential being made up in the total gain.

Yet, above 0.5 it then changes them in opposite directions via x and [- 1][abs] so the ramp is in different directions yet also covers 0-1 for both hi and lo.

Perhaps, one of you may find it useful.

It's helping me out to consolidate my controls on my arduino guitar app by minizing how many sends I need to :-) send.

To try it just turn the knobs and you'll see what I mean because the sliders will change accordingly {Note: the sliders are only for visuals and do not send anything. And the EQ3 is from the DIY2 library.}

Ciao for now.

Happy PD-ing.