Currently I am doing a lot of work (using Anduril+elvencloak+and 2 player+recorder abstractions, links to the musical pieces are at the bottom (too many to share here)) with "self-driven" remixes. (The plan is one day it will be me as I play driving those abs.)

I play a piece; send it thru Anduril (with randomly selected effects (14) (generally speaking correctly gain-balanced) and randomly selected fade-in/out times); and then turn elvencloak on or off (in which case I then manually manipulate the parameters).

Since the 14 effects have all been chosen because they have only 3+gain parameters (4 more are in the process of being added (body-resonance (diy2), filter (StampAlbum), noisegate (StampAlbum), & my beat-looper, they could theoritically all be controlled via one 3-d controller.

I considered (pursued) using a handheld's gyroscope/acceleremeter to manipulate the effects, then thought of how I might use a joy/flight-stick to do it if I converted the 2 xy coordinates to polar (theta and ro). (So use two values (coordinates) to create 3 values.)


The patch is a visualization tool to help me learn and hopefully master the use of a 3-d footpedal (by cutting off the stick and inserting a plane of wood, which I;ve talked about elsewhere on the forum).

To use it/see what it is doing you need:

GEM + a joystick;
once you plug in your joystick select it from the hradio and click the green box to turn on HID;
then click the Create button to open the gem window.

As you move the joystick, the subsphere will move around the larger sphere and the three quasi-sliders (from left-to-right: x, y, and z) will move up and down to represent the 2d-to-3d conversion.

To be honest, I still can't digest how it moves. But as is the case with many of my patches I made it to see how it might work.


Hope you enjoy it. And as the values are all scaled to -4 to 4, it is ready to be used if you want to create a 3d footpedal for your self.

The inv toggle flips the "polarity" of the functions, as I got them from Wikipedia (in the calculations subpatch) and it said the ones they had listed were Not the traditional physics ones. The physics ones are toggle=1 and toggle=0 are the Wikipedia ones (really just relating to which values get plotted to x or y).

Links (in the order in which i posted them) to recent work (Anduril/elvencloak remixes)

p.s. for further testing I am going to be doing remixes of a Hopi (Indian) song, whales, and Gyoto Monk chants. So you might (if you like them check up on the site).

Hopefully, those will be done with me "driving" the app(s) using the footpedal so I can better learn how I might use it in a live/improv environment.

Peace, love, and joyous (or not :-) music thru us all.