automated_parameter_changer: effect controller that changes over time via 3 [line]s (exs delayfb, flanger, and pitchshifter)


I've found that some of the sounds I like most are when a sound is played and an effect parameter is changed, ex. elven_cloak and Anduril, while the note is being played (of which delay is my favorite).

So this abstraction (which can be attached to any effect/param) does just that automatically over time.

It works via 3 control points, a midpoint, a radius (how far out to extend from the midpoint) and a shift which moves the adjusted-midpoint within the diameter.

It's accomplished via 3 [line] objects which take as their ramp values those three points and sends them from 1 to 2 to 3, 3 to 2 to 1 in loops are 1-2-3-2-1 etc in a cycle.

The controls are pretty straighforward:

metro: the maximum length of the lines;
rad(ius):% of which ever is greater 1-mid or mid
and shift {-1 to 1}.

The graph shows the calculated result of those settings via spikes where the y=1 is the adjusted-mid and the two 0.5's are the two end-points.

I have included the DIY2 effects st-delayfb, st-flanger, and st-pitchshifter to try it out with a simple synth. With the delay attached to one param, the flanger to 2 and the pitchshifter to 3 parameters. (The hradio changes which line is active.)

I have used these techniques elsewhere and think they are pretty cool.

So hope you may find a use for it.

Peace, Good Cheer, and Happy PD-ing.