Andúril with Pure Data Front-Ends (fwd/bwd looper + 14 effects + elven cloak)



Came to me it didn't make much sense to only make the patch available to MobMuPlat users (for the original post and instructions on what all the controls do see:úril-mobmuplat-app-fwd-bwd-looper-14-effects-elven-cloak-control-parameters-via-env-and-pitch-as-you-play/1 ) so built and have included them in the zip (with no changes to the original patch) two parallel guis: one with knobs ("Andúril-wknobs-help.pd") and (in case you don't have the knob external) one with sliders ("Andúril-wsliders-help.pd").

note: the xy-slider does require iemguts and is from @LiamG 's wonderful xy-slider at:

The original mobmuplat patch is included in the patches as an abstraction.

So the GUI's only reroute the control elements to and from the pd controls to the mmp ones. And you now no longer need MMP at all to run it from a computer.

...think that's about all I need to say here.

Sorry for the cross-reference, but I hate repeating myself. So hope you don't mind following the link to read about what it does.

Peace and merry music making thru us all.