Andúril (MobMuPlat app): fwd/bwd looper + 14 effects + elven cloak (control parameters via env~ and pitch as you play)

UPDATED VERSION (corrected MobMuPlat system crash problem):

This has been long in coming and I am very glad to finally release it (even tho my handheld hardware is not up to the job of running the elven cloak feature).

First a demo video and some screenshots, , and then the instructions.





The app is designed to give (specifically a guitarist) tho really any input (even prerecorded as is the case in the demo (from: "Laura DeNardis Performing Pachabels Canon" from, specifically the wave file at:, Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0) FULL Control over the "voice" of their output-sound.

It includes:

a 5-band EQ (on page 2 of the app) (upfront that is applied to all incoming sounds);

a looper: with record, forward, backward, speed, and bypass controls (that runs via a throw along with the effects channel)

14 effects each with 3 controllable parameters (via the xy-slider+centered knob) including: chorus, distortion, delay, reverb, flanger, tremolo, vibrato, vcf, pitchshifter, pitchdelay, 12string, stepvibrato, pushdelay (delayfb driven by magnitude of the env~), and stagdelay (2 out-of-sync delay lines which can be driven in and out of phase by the sum of their delwrite+vd's so what goes in first may come out last)

elven_cloak: which drives the 3 parameter controls via the peak bands amplitude and proximity to a set pitch (midi note) and whose window can be broadened or shrunk and shifted within that window, i.e. the three effect parameters are changed automatically according to what and how you play


a tester synth: that randomly sends midi pitches between 20-108, velocities between 20-127, and durations between 250-500ms.

CONTROLS (from top-left to bottom-right):


Effect: effects menu where the you choose an effect;
>>>,<<<: page navigation buttons;
IN,OUT: gains (IN is the preamp on the EQ5, and OUT is applied to total output);
REC,FWD,BWD,speed,normspd: the looper toggles and on speed, higher is faster and mid normal and normspd resets to mid;
xy-slider+centered knob: the 3 parameter controls + their labels (the bottom is x, top y and above the knob for the third one), the name of the selected effect and its parameters load each time you choose from the Effects menu, bottom left is lowest, top-right highest;
ByLp,ByEff: bypasses for the looper and effects "channel" (the outputs are summed);
EC-on: elven cloak toggle (default=off);


the EQ5 controls;
synthtest: off|on, default is off;

PAGE 3: elven cloak controls

reset: sets shift, metro, mid, and radius to 0, 500(ms),64,100% respectively (i.e. the entire midispectrum, 0-127) respectively;
mini-xyz, test: if test is on, you see a miniature representation of the xyz controls on the first page, so you can calibrate the cloak to your desired values;
shift: throws the center of the range to either the left or right(+/-1);
metro: how frequently in milliseconds to take env~ readings;
mid: the center in midipitch, i.e. 0-127, of the "watched" bands
radius(%): the width of the total bands to watch as a percentage of whichever is lower 1-mid or mid


Basic Logic:

There are 4 modes according to the bypass state of the looper and effects.
A throw catch and gain/sum/divide is applied accordingly.


As I mentioned at the first, my handheld(s) are not good enough to let me use this but it runs great on my laptop.


I would love to hear if this Does or Does Not work for others and even better any output others might make using it. I am enormously curious to hear what is "possible" with it.

Presets have not (yet :-) been included as I see it, esp. with the cloak as a tool to be used for improv and less set work. Tho I think it will work nicely for that too if you just turn the cloak off.

hmmm, hmmm,...

I think that's about it.

Let me know if you need any help, suggestions, ideas, explanations, etc. etc. etc. regarding the tool. I would be more than happy to share what I learned.

Peace, Love, and Ever-Lasting Music.


p.s. please let me know if I did not handle the "attribution" part of "Laura DeNardis Performing Pachabels Canon" License correctly and I will correct it immediately.

Ciao, for now. Happy PD-ing!