The work on the tmapper had me wondering about this...

If you plug the ggee/shell object onto a patch (parent);
then send it the following msg:

grep -e "obj" "{pathtoParentPatch}" | grep -e "vsl" | grep -v "msg" | cut -d " " -f3

you can add vsl (vsliders to the patch);

so that (repeatedly if you add a metro) after you save the patch the vsl's value is set to its x-coordinate on the screen.

To add a second vsl for the y-coord you would only need to add a second message with 'cut -d " " -f4' instead of 'cut -d " " -f3'.

It's pretty neat. I think.

Use-For: Currently Unknown.


To use: just open the patch (vanilla); write into the main-msg the absolutepath to the parent patch, save it, and move the sliders then save the patch. The slider values will adjust accordingly.