Hell, 5:30 in the morning; can't sleep; nervous about "tomorrow", aka. later in the day, might as well get up and do some good.

The video below shows the latest incarnation of my guitar "pedals" concept:

It is an android mounted (temporarily (will be velcro, right now just duck tape) to the front face of my guitar;
on it is MobMuPlat;
the MobMuPlat app I added is an Open Sound Controller frontend connected to my laptop
on my laptop is a pretty bare -bones guitar rig: vcompander (mainly as a noisegate), in&out compressors, my recording abstraction + eq13 (eq with my presets abstraction);
and between the two compressors (which use and require the tb_peakcomp~ external) (the second one is there in case the main plugin gets out of control)
my four-tap/pitchshifter-per-line delay abstraction.

The goal (only took a maiden voyage so far) is to learn how to strum and adjust the sliders on the mobmuplat in the same rhythm/timing as I strum and pick.

So pick strings and change settings in the same style and rhythm as I play. So play "effects" in the same moment I am playing guitar.

I am using that 4tappshifter because it has the most radical effects with the least amount of adjustments, plus I just think it just sounds cool.

Test tracks of this rig will be coming out soon, when I can get the time/space etc etc to produce them.

I expect, from one test drive, it is gonna be a pretty steep curve to learn.

I'll zip the whole rig (tho bear in mind it is NOT perfect and has no help files) and put it below.

Ciao! And thanks for listening. Hope it gave you some ideas.


p.s. I have and am holding onto the notion of pure data as an "organic" tool, which while it IS capable of being VERY conceptual (and I have even done some works like that) I want for my purposes at least it to stay Close to the Chest, and has been mentioned elsewhere in the forum, NOT be Pre-Music. I think it is fully capable of fulfilling both roles: conceptual/electronica And organic.

And for me, be music as I Feel it not think about it.

Hence, the front-mount and not a stomp box. Also, I Really do NOT want preset voices. I want the voices to change as I change my playing/style.

And while I have experimented with other control-types, mice, keyboard, hid, etc, none of them have come Anywhere close to the amount, variety, and subtlety of tones, styles, and rhythms I can get from my guitar.

So I am holding to the Idea that I will be able to "bend" strings" and "bend" effects in the same moment and on my chosen instrument.

p.s.s. I know no explanation is not needed, but I wanted to hear what it sounded like to see if it rang true for me. Yep. It does.

Oh, and I did not include the tb_peakcomp~ external, but it's pretty easy to get.


4tapPShift Controller.zip

Video showing the rig mounted on my guitar