I was listening to my electric guitarist friend of mine wax eloquent about the switch on an electric guitar and it got me to thinking it would be pretty easy just to set up a hradio writing to a text file for each set of presets.

Many hours, and much-love-spent later, I have something good enough to share though not quite yet perfect (as it throws an error because of a loadbang that is required, which I will fix, but would love some feedback on how to resolve the issue).

The zip is below and does not require to much explanation if you read the _help file and check out the _example.

In its simplest terms: it takes a list, writes that list to a text file with a loadbang sending in the root of the filename from a message, and then spits it out again as a list when it reads the file from the hradio.

Too tired now at this hour to explain more, but am more than happy to elucidate anything I can about it at a later date. Will say only that it is comfortable taking in any number of presets slots if you want to change that, and is happy to accommodate any number of parameters.

The Goal:

Make a control, i.e. graph-on-parent object, that could be plugged in anywhere and to anything in order to save those settings as a text file and return them later in the same order. That mission was accomplished, hence I am releasing it now.

Peace, merriment, and good times to you,

p.s. 808_state and st-vcf are include to show an example.