I want to go ahead and share this (my first "patch" to post :-), as is, and trust folks will feel more than welcome, to comment, criticize, amend, seek help, all as they see or feel fit.

It is the front piece to the guitar pedal rig I am currently using and acts as a funnel pouring one guitar into a 4-tap delay which has a pitch shifter attached to each line.

The effect is a VERY strange echoey melody, if one thinks of dolphins, whales, porpoises and Frankenstein's monster all singing at once.

But it is not mine to judge the tools I am inspired to create, only to learn how to manipulate them to suit some higher end. (Which is the task I am currently set upon.)

It bypasses by loadbang (in the _help file) to give you a chance to see what the baseline value is; does Not turn on dsp by default (too many times I have gotten deaf ears when others did that but I was not prepared); can be truncated down to only one "voice" if you only adjust the 7 values of one delay line; and takes all its values as list messages scaled from 0 to 1, in order to make it suitable for use with the android app, MobMuPlat's multislider control.

Hope you enjoy and/or learn from it, or learn how to teach me how to better it. :-)

Feel free to ask any questions and/or any of the "mentioned above".

Peace and good will thru music and creativity,

the files included in the zip are:

808_state.pd (from hardoff's DIY2 and used by the pitchshifters)
abs_fourtapdelay2.pd (modified from hardoff's DIY2)
fourtapdelay_shifters~_abs-help.pd (the demo abs with simple gui)
st-pitchshifter_abs~-sv.pd (modified from hardoff's DIY2)

the "_sv"'s were only added so that I might distinguish my modified versions from the original downloads in my local repo.