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    Hello, I am working currently with Pure Data for a project and I made the following patch that loops reproducing a .wav file (that later goes into the puckettshiftter). patch

    (if you also want the .wav file you can download it here: measureWalls.wav )

    The thing I get is sometimes the loop reproduces normally and sometimes the sound overlaps (like if two samples played at the same time) purely random and I don't know why is it occurring this (maybe the loop logic is wrong).

    Also, whenever I try to stop the loop using the stop message into readsf~ object not always stops it at first interaction, requiring several clicks in order to do so.

    As an extra specification I'm using a sample rate of 48000 Hz for the patch (not sure if relevant of the error troubling).

    Not sure if this is the right place on the forum to ask for help into this, recently started with PD and I know very little about it.

    Hope someone can help me with it. Thanks in advance!

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