• z1snow

    Hi there...

    when I attempt to go to midi preferences in both 42.5 and 43.4 extended and .44 vanilla get nothing and it freezes pd. Otherwise pd seems to work wonderfully. I am running osx 10.8.4. I tried reinstalling PD extended and vanilla and the problem persists.

    This probably means it is not PD's fault!

    However, any advice would be very much appreciated.

    I have a feeling that it has something to do with conflicts I had between the Digi Core Audio Driver and Reaper but I can't remember what I did (deleted?) in order to resolve this issue.

    Thanks for your time!

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  • z1snow

    Nice video! I dig it. I have recently run into a very similar problem (although on mac) and wonder if you can give any advice. I control an audio patch on one processor using a midi keyboard+modwheel+knobs/faders+computer keyboard. This patch then sends values using netsend to the other processor which is running the patch with the gem window.

    I've tried using pix_write but the framerate issue is really throwing me for a loop. I end up creating a whole bunch of jpgs but then when I tell quicktime to open the list of jpgs as a movie the length is usually off by almost a factor of .5 (but not quite!). Syncing then becomes really annoying to say the least.

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  • z1snow

    thanks for posting this!

    -saved me from a couple days of frustration I'm sure.

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