• ytt

    Thanks a lot for the replies and for sharing the project.
    I had given up from using the pd-lib-builder because i feel i don´t have yet the basic notions to follow the instructions , even though they were very simple. i guess i need to go back to the basics. i think i don´t even have Pd-Lib-Builder well installed.

    but well, i truly appreciate your answers and helmholtz~ is working fine.

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  • ytt

    thanks for the reply
    i have been using sigmund~ i was just curious about helmholtz~ because it said that it is more precise in the pitch detection,

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  • ytt

    Hi, i'm relatively new to Pd but I have been slowly making my way trough tutorials and information given trough the forums. I'm interested in pitch detection functions and i found the helmholtz~ object by Katjav.
    i've been trying to compile the file using Msys2 , with no success , I don´t have no experience working with C + but after installing Msys2 and following the instructions I still canot have it working mainly because i'm not sure what does each line really means, I imagine it's really basic stuff but i'm lost .
    Does anyone have a built up version for windows 64bit or can help me with a more precise step by step instructions?

    thanks a lot

    here are the instructions

    Open the Makefile in helmholtz~/src and edit the target suffix to match your system: (in which program am i suppose to pen the file?)

    pd_darwin for OSX
    pd_win for Windows with MinGW
    pd_linux for Linux

    For 64 bit systems, flag -fPIC may be added to compiler flags. /how to I apply the flag?)

    In terminal, cd to directory helmholtz~/src and type 'make'. The binary is copied to directory helmholtz~/ and you can use it from there or copy it to a directory in Pd's path.

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