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    ah and the outputs are midi values, that you can treat as you like.

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    Hi ! This is pretty beta for know but is working. There are some mistakes like use of subpatches when abstractions would have been better. I’ve been building this kind of matrix sequencer for Akai’s APCmini and Midimix. This requires no externals.

    There are two sequences, a green one which goes up to down, from left column to right column
    and the red one which goes left to right, from upper line to down line.

    The outputs are for each note : the value of the corresponding faders (vertical and horizontal) of each grid’s button.

    You can select the 64 buttons of the apc grid, which will output a value only if they’re selected (coloured in yellow), like a trigger. However there is also a trigger unsensitive output.

    The midimix 8 first faders are for (from left to right) upper to down lines
    the apc 8 first faders are for left to right columns

    the 9th fader of midimix is for the lenght of the green sequence, the 9th fader of apcmini is for the length of the red sequence

    there are also on the APC 8 buttons for each column and 8 buttons for each lines, there’s a little bug to fix there, as you have to tickle them a bit at the beginning to make them work properly (just press some of the buttons until they light on correctly)

    the two sequences are a modulo of the sum of bangs received by the main metro. Modulo of the lenght of each sequence. This sum is multiplied by 1 to 8 thanks to the buttons. And divised by 1 to 8 thanks to these buttons when you also press the last square button which is between those round buttons. So if you multiply by one and divise by two, the sequence will be twice slower. If you multiply by two and divise by one, the sequence will be as fast buy will go from step n to step n+2, n+4 …
    The interest here is to create polyrythmical sequences. I,e : red sequence * 5, green sequence *6, both sequences lenght = 60. and things like that. And it’s pretty graphic

    Really sorry for my bad english. Hope this could help/inspire someone. And i would really like returns, as I’m a bit beginning in pd.
    I will soon share a new version with abstractions in place of subpatches, in order not to modifiy each subpatches if you want to modifiy something (some places of the patch are 64 repetitions of the same thing, which could be a bit boring to do). mtrxsequencerbeta1.pd

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    thanks ! but there are a few objects in this patch that I can't find here, could you indicate me where to find those ?

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