• xbix

    Thanks for that!

    I don't need any special UI elements, just buttons and a few sliders, but they should be freely configurable.

    There are some apps out there that look professional and use pure data as audio engine. For example:


    I would be very interested in what they use.

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  • xbix

    So I am relatively new to pure data and would like to build an app with a user interface.
    So far I have seen:

    mobmuplat ( https://danieliglesia.com/mobmuplat/ )(not sure if you can build the graphical elements yourself)

    oscar ( https://trafalmejo.github.io/OSCAR/ )
    looks good

    what other options do we have to build nice UI for mobile devices?
    Is it possible to build a UI in React, hide the PD engine and then connect everything via OSC?

    I would appreciate some help with the search!

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