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    Or to bring object(s) to front:

    1. select object(s)
    2. cut
    3. undo

    This will not damage existing connections.

    P.S. sending an object to back == bringing all other objects to front.

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    @jjegede01: Besides the spaces, I think the main problem is order of bangs:

    1. open the file
    2. send 1 to sfread~

    Use [trigger] to ensure the right order...

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    @LiamG nice one! I made something for connecting objects some time ago (but far from such complex object as yours), you have to select two objects, press button, and it dis/connects all their nlets, that's all. I wanted to incorporate keyboard control, but didn't want to make it part of same abstraction, then I left it as it was...:smile:

    connect.pd, connect-help.pd

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    I'm showing here a comparision of pdpatchrepo.info vs algorithmiccomposer.com just to show the difference in font size. Screenshot emulates actual display on my 4,5'' smartphone's screen.


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    There are some things I don't like in this new layout too, but most of them I can get used to...

    One of those very annoying (and most prominent for me) layout changes is font-size of text elements on page, which makes the forum less accessible. It's too large on mobile devices and doesn't scale well. The change will be easy for someone who handles the site, just change fixed sizes in px units to relative ones (em or percent) in stylesheet.

    But it seems no one cares but me... :confused:

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    @raynovich asked:

    First off, should there be a semicolon in the message box? Isn't that needed?

    The semicolon is used when you want to send the message to specific object:

    [; blah hello (

    this is the same as:

    [hello (
    [send blah]    

    The first version is shorter, but the second is easier to use with $0 in names.
    Read more about messages here: http://en.flossmanuals.net/pure-data/dataflow-tutorials/messages/

    ...and nope, there is no "freeze" option in Pd.

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    JFYI, [donecanvasdialog( has these parameters:

    [ donecanvasdialog <x-units> <y-units> <gop> <x-from> <y-from> <x-to> <y-to> <x-size> <y-size> <x-margin> <y-margin> (

    All these values are also available in "Properties" dialog of canvas, the <gop> parameter can have 3 values:
    0 = GOP off
    1 = GOP on & show object name and parameters
    2 = GOP on & hide object name and parameters

    This info comes from .mmb aka Maelstrom.

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    Look for help patches in:

    mainly this one:

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    @ricky said:

    1. Is there an easy way to find out the id of the last object created in a patch?

    You can use [iemguts/canvasindex] - its right outlet outputs total number of objects in the patch (so subtract 1 to get last object's index, because indices are zero-based).

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    @LandonPD - as far as arrays problem goes, i think only way it could be done is by dynamic patching (deleting old array and recreating it with all settings, only with the display type changed). But I don't know if it is really worth it. I remember some time ago I wanted to dynamically create array and abandoned whole idea...

    @LandonPD said about nop~:

    ...Hopefully, somebody reading this thread will remind us about its authorship.

    It was me :smirk:. I'm glad somebody found some use of it, in fact I never did...

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